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Jazz research covers a wide spectrum of types of research.
On one end of the spectrum are the scholarly articles that follow the 'rigor' of scientific research. In this kind of research all content must be based upon verifiable and falsifiable facts.
On the other end of the spectrum are the creative opinions and ideas based upon observations and experiences in jazz performance and jazz education.

Applied jazz research is often a kind of practice based research in which the self-observation is at the core. The observer can be identical to the one observed: the performer, the educator. This has raised and is still raising questions and debate about 'critical distance'.

The applied jazz research blog is the forum in which this and all other debates debate can take place.

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Applied and theoretical sciences

Applied sciences and Theoretical sciences

'Applied sciences' simply explained, are sciences that turn research outcomes into practical use. 'Theoretical sciences' simply explained, are concerned with theoretical structures and not concerned about possible practical implementations.

Freedom of sciences

Sciences must be free and independent. When political systems or religions are overruling sciences, it goes wrong. The world is not flat. Political systems should enable sciences but not dictate or interfere with the research results. Therefore, academies and universities have to be 'free-havens' where sciences can flourish.


There are many Institutes of Applied Sciences. Abbreviation IAS. There is only one International Association of Schools of Jazz. Abbreviation IASJ. What are the connections and what are the differences?

A good example is the Institute of Applied Science at the University of North Texas. The goals of the institute are well explained at their website:

Why do I take this university and it's Institute of Applied Science as an example? Anyone seriously involved in jazz knows about the jazz department of the University of North Texas The core of that jazz department is the big band, a lot of them, and the best in the USA if not in the world. The One O'clock Big Band has won all competitions there are. The Two O'clock Big Band as well. A long time ago I attended a full day of presentations of all their big bands, starting with the 12 O'clock Big Band... at noon.

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