Media of the conference

The 2021 IASJ Research Conference will make use of various types of media. The goal is to offer as much content as possible in various interactive ways. There will be broadcasting: on-site sessions will be live-streamed for anyone interested. Furthermore, there will be narrow-casting: special session will be made available for various interest groups.

2003AebersoldKeyNote 640x400So, how does it work?

With the use of the latest technologies in broadcasting and narrow casting, the various elements of the conference will be made available for the general audience, for IASJ members and for small numbers of dedicated participants.

At the IASJ, we have embraced this new trend in communication through all of our websites. In principle, anyone interested can communicate with the IASJ through various platforms.

All websites respond to each screen resolution. You can see this by simply resizing your browser window. As you reduce the width of your browser, the website reacts accordingly, altering its layout and style to best accommodate the site content within the available viewing area.

Alongside our responsive design of our websites, the template features several options within its parameters, allowing you to control over what content is displayed on any mobile devices. As many others, we are not in favor of the hamburger that might appear from time to time. Where 'millennials' and younger age groups are quite used to this symbol, we at the IASJ tend to use it as little as possible.

(picture: 2003 IASJ Jazz Research Conference: Jamey Aebersold using an overhead-projector)

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